Technology Consultant

Vincent Schultz


I can help you through the maze!

Ever wanted to buy a personal computer for your home or business? Wondering about brands, types, systems, software, training, Internet, security?

Do you get your advice about technology from the computer whiz down the street; maybe that instructor of computer repair; maybe that IT graduate you met?

We professionals have a saying “The difference between a computer salesperson, and a used car dealer is: One knows he is what he is saying may not be right!”

Having recently moved to Maclean, I have decided to optimize some 40 years of Computing, Communications, Engineering and Trouble-shooting expertise.

As a sole trader I offer a range of services in the IT field. What I can do is provide advice on sales and services in a large range of technical subjects. I do not directly market any brands, however I can assist with hardware purchasing, if required. I also have a reseller arrangement with Internode for ISP & Voice communication needs.

Although I am familiar with all existing computing platforms, my creative and technical preferences are for the Apple products. I presently have Macintosh computers as well as Dell, and Toshiba PC’s, and now an iPhone and iPad as well. I run both OSX and Windows Networks, and have DSL communications with Internode, running VoIP via NodePhone.

Call or message me and save yourself or your business time and money.

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Name:  Vince Schultz   

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