The Communications Era


The story continues:

My experiences with the Internet and TCP/IP started in the mid 70’s but I did not realize it at the time. We had some military communications equipment that failed, and over the weeks of time fixing it I discovered a different protocol which I now know was very much like IP.. but that does not matter.

My real world experience probably started with the Mosaic “Browser” and interaction with the BBS (Bulletin Board Services) of the late 80’s and early 90’s as they evolved to chat rooms. I have always been intrigued by the concept of global communications, and in the 70’s and 80’s used to “correspond” all over the world on technical matters via modems (some were acoustic) exchanging files, programs and data. I was seriously involved with the development of DOS on TRS-80’s and Kaypro computers, as well as hardware improvements such as double density disk formatting and memory paging, we used to transfer data worldwide at 30 Baud and were happy in our primitive way.

For me the communications era began with corporate networking and the need for internal email on the corporate data network. I always believed email was an enabler, not many people did back then. But, email was how it all started in my mind, it was the killer application of the era. We had internal email in several forms back in the late 80’s as I recall, but it really took off when we moved to Lotus Notes. I remember being so excited by its capabilities that I talked the corporate finance director into going to an executive seminar about the product and demonstrated its power for collaboration. It was an amazing product in that era, and I assume it still is, but Microsoft and its ability to market products has really changed the world. I have seen it written many times, if you only know one thing, then its the best.

The Internet and Internet based applications such as Google apps will surely give us a whole new world, at least after broadband gets a greater penetration in our country. This may happen when and if Telstra accepts its inevitable future.

I love this quote which I am sure is a takeoff for something else “The Internet is a passing fad, and will go the way of sex and farming”

I will try hard to help people understand the tricks for young players. I want to stop initiates from taking contracts for time limited technologies on long term commitments. I want to start people off right, understanding so they can grow. Communications has made the world a smaller place, and brought many diverse people together. Its all a good thing.

Now I am a consultant, helping others through the maze